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Ultimate Ski Gadgets for the upcoming Ski Season

Do you love nothing more than taking to the untouched slopes at the beginning of a brand new ski season, kitted out and ready for action? Us too – so we know all too well how exciting it is when the newest wave of ski tech hits the shelves each year – and 2021 is set to be one of the best yet!

Of course, you can enjoy skiing without having all the mod cons, but if you’re passionate about the sport and love to invest your hard earned money in the latest gadgets – we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading for our ultimate guide to ski gadgets, perfect for the 2021 ski season.

  1. Broaden your horizons with the SunGod Vanguards Ski Goggles

If you’re after uninterrupted views when out on the slopes, look no further than these striking ski goggles, designed to maximise your field of vision whilst skiing. The Vanguards SunGod goggles come with a range of eight lenses and offer unrivalled durability. As a piece of kit that will likely last you for the duration of your skiing life, they offer great value for money!

Perfect to allow a full range of vision, these trendy goggles also help to protect your face from harmful UV rays and bitter winds – ideal for skiing in Sierra Nevada!

  1. Improve your form with a virtual ski instructor

How experienced are you on the snow? Is your parallel turn lacking precision? Well, whether you’re a beginner or you simply need to sharpen up your skills after the pandemic meant a year of no skiing – we have the perfect solution – the Carv Digital Ski Instructor!

Combining an easy to use mobile app and well-placed sensors which insert effortlessly into any type of ski boot – you can improve everything from your balance to your rotation. And the best bit? It will cost you much less than the price of several 1-1 classes!

  1. The perfect gadget for outdoor tracking

When it comes to tracking fitness, Garmin are industry giants. Experts in creating robust, attractive GPS multisport fitness trackers, the Garmin Fenix 6 is perfect for the serious skier who wants to track everything from their speed and distance to the vertical drop data for every slope.

Definitely an investment piece, this ultra-accurate outdoor tracker is ideal if you’re a stats fanatic!

  1. Keep in touch whilst out on the slopes

Do you prefer to ski alone but don’t like to feel disconnected? Perhaps you’re a phone addict who hates to go anywhere without the option to chat to mates or listen to music? Well, the Livall RS1 Smart Helmetphone could be the perfect answer to your problems.

Hands-free, easy to operate and stylish – this is the latest in mobile tech, allowing skiers to do everything from listening to music to answering phone calls – all via Bluetooth.

If you do happen to ski in company, you can even use the helmet as a walkie talkie device to send messages to another of the same helmetphones!

All the gear – no idea?

It’s the equivalent to being all dressed up with nowhere to go – but the great news is that you can book your next ski vacation right here with us at El Lodge. We offer premium accommodation with a luxury, home from home feel – so what are you waiting for?

If you have all your favourite ski gadgets at the ready, it’s time to get your holiday booked.

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