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An exclusive line of skincare, cosmetic and wellbeing products

After a full day on the slopes, nothing sits as well as a relaxing massage. We are pleased to offer an exclusive line of skincare, cosmetic and wellbeing products by Comfort Zone that will enhance all of your treatments. Our spa area includes two private treatment rooms and indoor pool to give you unique views of Sierra Nevada. Why not finish skiing a little earlier and allow us to pamper you, or perhaps swap a day on the slopes for day of complete relaxation in our Spa?

  • Open daily from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Spa Treatment List

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of massages are available at the El Lodge spa?

Whether you need to relieve soreness in your muscles after a full day skiing or simply want to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life, there’s a soothing treatment suitable for you at the El Lodge spa.

Our Massage Collection of standard treatments starts at €70 for a 25-minute treatment, with more extensive 50-minute and 80-minute treatments available for all except the scalp massage:

  • – Personalised massage – tailored to your areas of tightness, tension, or stress using a range of techniques and Mediterranean oils.
  • – Lymphatic drainage massage – gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system to improve circulation using Vodder and Leduc techniques.
  • – Intensive sports massage – invigorating deep tissue massage to release tension, increase circulation, and alleviate tight and sore muscles.
  • – Soothing scalp massage – acupressure to relax the head, face, neck, and shoulders.
    • If you’re looking for an extra-special intensive relaxation treatment, our

Ritual & Body Collection

    • offers a selection of exclusive wellbeing therapies to soothe the body and mind:

      • – Ritual with Himalayan Salt – 80-minute session including a massage with heated salt-stones and a body mask of salt crystals and nourishing oils.
      • – Sleep-inducing Ritual – 80-minute session blending an essential oil and soft brush massage with light stimulation of olfactory, tactile, and audio sensory pathways.
      • – Reflexology – 25 or 50-minute session including a foot massage and stimulation of reflex points in the feet to release tension in the rest of the body.
      • – Back Relaxation – 25 or 50-minute session involving a warm mud wrap and back massage to ease muscular tension and contractions.

These specialised treatments range from €80 for 25 minutes to €190 for 80 minutes.

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Do you offer skincare treatments at the El Lodge spa?

The El Lodge Spa isn’t just concerned with physical and mental relaxation – we want you to feel at your very best when you leave us, which for many includes a pampering treatment to restore dry, tired, and imbalanced skin.

Our Facial Collection of skincare treatments includes three dedicated facial treatments, each available in three session lengths depending on the extent of the treatment:

  • – Personalised Skin Expert Facial – personalised facial including deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, and moisturising serum treatments.
  • – Hydra-memory Facial – intensively hydrating treatment for the face, neck, and décolletage.
  • – Calming Après-Ski Facial – designed to soothe and restore skin after days on the slopes.

Whichever facial you choose, the session will begin with a personal skin type analysis to ensure that the treatment targets your individual skincare concerns. Please view our spa treatment list for more information on each type of skincare therapy and their prices.

As with our massages, booking a facial treatment entitles you to access our steam room and sauna before or after your scheduled session to enhance your relaxing experience.

We use vegan products wherever possible, but please contact us prior to making a reservation at our spa if you have any concerns about this.

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What time should I arrive for my El Lodge spa session?

The spa is open every day from 10am until 8pm, with treatment times ranging from 25 minutes to 80 minutes (multiple treatments may be booked consecutively if availability allows).

We recommend that guests arrive around 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to check in and familiarise themselves with the spa environment. This also allows time for you to fill in our well-being consultation form, which ensures that our staff can tailor your spa experience to your individual requirements.

Guests should wear either light and comfortable clothes for their visit to the spa and sauna, or the bathrobes provided with their accommodation, though disposable slips are also available during spa treatments. Swimsuits are required for use of both the indoor and outdoor pool.

Guests are also requested to avoid the use of mobile devices while in the spa to facilitate peaceful relaxation. Please note that El Lodge does not take liability for loss or damage to personal property within the spa – we advise guests to leave any valuables in the safe in their room.

If you miss the start time of your spa session, it will still end at the scheduled time, so as not to disrupt subsequent appointments. We require at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or amendment of El Lodge spa appointments, otherwise the full cost of the treatment will be charged.

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Is food and drink available in the El Lodge spa?

Food and drink are not served inside the El Lodge spa, and we request that our guests do not bring food or drink into the spa with them (exceptions may be made where medically necessary). To maintain the serene and restorative atmosphere, the spa also prohibits alcohol and tobacco.

Spa guests are more than welcome to follow their treatment with drinks, lunch, or dinner at one of the four El Lodge dining establishments. We would especially recommend visiting the spa in the late morning and enjoying a post-treatment light lunch at The Sun Deck, with stunning views and ambient music to help you relax even further.

For guests wishing to combine an El Lodge spa treatment with a gourmet meal, we offer a wonderful Spa & Gastronomy package comprising a 50-minute massage and three-course lunch at The Sun Deck (please note that drinks are not included in the package price).