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Top 4 must-haves for your next ski holiday

If you’re an avid skier, then you likely know how much is involved when it comes to the packing process! Forget your beach towel and flip flops, most ski trips require a range of necessary equipment that can make it an overwhelming task for those less experienced.

If this sounds familiar – don’t panic!

Here, we’re going to be doling out some of our most valuable information on the MUST-HAVE items for your next ski holiday. So, if this is your first rendezvous on the slopes, you’ve come to the right place!

1.    First things first – let’s talk layers!

It’s probably stating the obvious, but if you’re planning on spending a lot of time out on the slopes, then you’re going to want to be equipped with the necessary layers to help keep you dry and warm. This is even more crucial if you are new to skiing and plan on spending a lot of time with your bum in the snow whilst you’re learning the ropes – so where do you start?

Luckily, layering up for your ski session doesn’t need to be a headache, and you can follow a pretty basic, yet universal, layering system which looks a little like this:

  1. Base layers – this is your first line of defence against the cold weather, we’re talking thin full sleeved t-shirts that help to regulate body temperature and keep moisture out
  2. Mid-layers – when combined with your thin base layer, a decent mid-layer can help trap heat keeping you warmer for longer. Something like a long-sleeved fleece can work as a great mid-layer
  3. Outer layer – protect yourself against the snow, wind and wet of the slopes with a breathable waterproof coat. Don’t forget a sturdy pair of ski pants or Salopettes to keep your legs both warm and dry for the duration of your holiday

At our Sierra Nevada ski resort, we’re lucky to benefit from some glorious sunshine, but it doesn’t mean that layers aren’t just as important as they would be if you were skiing in chillier climes.

2.    Don’t underestimate the Spanish sun

This one is particularly crucial if you’re skiing at a Sierra Nevada resort like ours at El Lodge where we benefit from a long season of Spanish sunshine. However, even if you’re not skiing in Spain, sunglasses and ski goggles are still an important must-have for your ski holiday!

Snow covered ski slopes are incredibly reflective, so when combined with the sunshine typical of the ski season, you can come up against some pretty blinding glare. Why not ski in style with some high-quality ski goggles to protect you when you’re mid-action, and sunglasses for when you’re slope-side enjoying a cool beverage?

3.    Comfort is important too

When it comes to packing the correct attire, most people don’t think past the necessary items needed to keep them warm, often overlooking the importance of comfort. This is where a great pair of socks comes in (or multiple if you’re likely to be skiing a lot during your holiday).

Wool socks are fantastic to keep your feet protected from often uncomfortable snow boots and can help keep blisters and soreness at bay. Not to mention they also work to keep your feet both warm and dry when you’re out in the snow.

4.    Protect from UV rays

As we have already established, the Sierra ski resort sunshine can be fierce, and as a result you could be exposed to some damaging rays if you’re not fully equipped! It’s important therefore to pack not only a good sunblock, but also an SPF lip balm to help keep both your face and lips moisturised and protected from the glare of the sun.

It’s important to ensure you stay on top of application, so regularly apply both throughout your holiday to help keep yourself protected.

Choose El Lodge for your next ski holiday!

Nestled in the heart of Granada, El Lodge benefits from direct connection to the slopes, so you can come and go as you please between the pistes and our luxurious accommodation.

Ideal for couples, families and veteran skiers, we offer a range of on and off-slope activities and boast a wide variety of ski runs for all abilities, including newbies!

So, if you’re already thinking about your next ski holiday, why not consider our Sierra Nevada ski resort promising sun, snow and a luxury home away from home. Contact us to find out about our current deals and offers or book your trip directly through our website today!

Sierra Nevada Ski Resort - El Lodge

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