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holidayLos 4 imprescindibles para tus próximas vacaciones de esquí.

If you are passionate about skiing, you know what it means to prepare your luggage. Most ski trips require a lot of equipment which can make packing a daunting task for those who are not as experienced with ski trips.

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry! We are going to share with you some tips on the things you cannot miss on your next skiing vacation, so if this is your first experience, you are in the right place!

1. The first thing: we go by layers.

It’s probably obvious, but if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the slopes you’ll want to be equipped with the necessary layers to help keep you warm and dry. This is especially crucial if you are new and want to spend a lot of time in the snow, so where do we start?

Fortunately, preparing to ski doesn’t have to be a headache because you can follow this basic and universal system of equipment:

  1. Base layer – this is your first line of defense against the cold, so we’re talking about a thin long-sleeved shirt that helps regulate your body temperature while protecting you from moisture.
  2. Mid Layer – When combined with your base layer, a good mid layer helps keep you warm longer. A long-sleeved fleece or wool sweater is the best option.
  3. Outer Layer – Protect yourself from snow, wind and wet conditions on the slopes with a breathable, waterproof coat. Don’t forget about sturdy ski pants to keep your legs warm and dry.


In the Sierra Nevada ski resort we enjoy a pleasant and sunny climate, which does not imply that being well equipped is not as important as if you were in a colder climate.

2. Do not underestimate the sun in Spain

This is especially important if you are going to ski in the Sierra Nevada, where we enjoy many sunny days. However, even if you don’t ski in Spain, sunglasses and goggles are always a must.

Snow-covered slopes are highly reflective and this, combined with the sun that is usually in the Sierra Nevada, can cause glare.

So why not ski in style with good ski goggles that protect you from glare and snow, and wear sunglasses when enjoying aprè-ski?

3. Comfort is important too

When it comes to choosing the right outfits, most people often don’t think beyond what is necessary and sometimes we forget how important it is to be comfortable. This is where a pair of socks are very important (or several if you are going to ski a lot during your vacation).

Wool socks are great for keeping your feet well protected from ski boots and also help prevent the pain that blisters can cause, as well as keeping your feet warm and dry while you’re out on the snow.

4. Protect yourself from UV rays

As we have already mentioned, the sun in the Sierra Nevada ski resort can be very intense, so you can cause damage if you do not protect yourself well from the sun’s rays. It is important that you not only pack sunscreen, but also a good lip balm to keep both your face and lips hydrated and protected from the effects of the sun.

It is very important to wear protection regularly during the holidays to protect the skin well and avoid possible burns.

Choose El Lodge for your next ski vacation!

The Lodge has direct access to the Maribel track, so you can get on and off the track as you please and enjoy the hotel.

Our careful offer of activities both on and off the slopes and the variety of slopes of different levels make it the ideal destination for couples, families and experienced or beginner skiers.

If you are already thinking about your next ski getaway, why not visit our hotel in Sierra Nevada and enjoy the sun, the snow and a luxurious home in the mountains?

Do not hesitate to contact us or make your reservation directly on our website.

holidayLos 4 imprescindibles para tus próximas vacaciones de esquí.

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