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¿Cómo afecta la longitud de los esquíes al rendimiento en pista?

Experienced skiers will be the first to notice the importance of ski length and shape. For beginners it can be easy to fall into the wrong choice of skis, which can lead to possible incidents or a bad experience on the piste.

How do I make sure I choose the right skis? Today our experts shed light on this question.

Where do you start to choose the right length of skis?

The golden rule in this matter is that it depends mainly on your height and weight, but there are other factors that come into play that are the level and the preferred style of each one.

What size ski is best for beginners?

As we have mentioned before, height and weight are the main factors, but you will have to provide more information about your level of skiing.

Typically shorter skis are better for beginners because:

  • They slide slower
  • They allow you to spin faster
  • They have no curvature

Why is a longer ski better for advanced skiers?

If you are really an experienced skier and you like adrenaline, you should opt for longer skis because:

  • They slide faster
  • They support more weight
  • They are good for off-piste skiing
  • have greater curvature

How to choose the shape of the skis?

La forma de los esquís es un factor a tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir los más adecuados, así que vamos a familiarizarnos con los términos más usados:

  • Camber invertido: – Perfil del esquí cuando, al apoyarlo sobre una superficie plana, uno o ambos extremos no contactan con el suelo, lo que permite prácticamente flotar en la superficie de la nieve con mayor facilidad.
  • Sidecut – es la anchura de la espátula, la cintura y la cola del esquí queforman el arco visto desde la vista superior del esquí.
  • Espátula y Cola –Hay otros muchos factores a tener cuenta cuando se trata de elegir la forma de los esquís y que determinarán cómo esquiarás, así que elegir la combinación perfecta de longitud y forma de los esquís es de vital importancia.


If you are still not sure, ask our experts.

At ski resort in Sierra Nevada we offer Prêt-a-porter equipment rental, so don’t worry about choosing the right size and shape of your skis, our experts will help you choose the perfect equipment according to your preferences and level so that you can enjoy the slopes to the fullest.

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